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The South Hills Wellness Center is committed to providing students with a safe and comfortable space with access to wellness resources and healthy strategies to support students’ mental health and well-being in order to develop healthy coping skills, improve school climate/culture and promote academic success.


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Peer Counseling Referral Form

If you or a friend is struggling, click the button below to fill out the referral form and a trained peer counselor will reach out to help.

A Peer Counselors will reach out to you in 24-48. If the situation is an emergency or crisis that must be handled immediately, please reach out to a trusted adult and/or dial 911.

Mental Health Resources Web-page Disclaimers:
If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance or to request a wellness check

The purpose of this web-page is to provide information. It is not an endorsement or recommendation of any specific agency, company, provider, treatment modality, app, or product nor is it an exhaustive list of resources.

Covina-Valley Unified School District and its employees will not be held personally, professionally, legally, or financially liable for how an individual utilizes the information found on this page.
Like all forms of online information, the content and quality of the information on this page may change over time.It is the primary responsibility of the user to use their individual judgment and to consult with their health care professional to ensure that the use of "mental health", "behavioral" or "wellness" apps are appropriate for their treatment.
"Mental health", "behavioral" or "wellness" apps are meant to be used in conjunction with ongoing treatment by a qualified professional. They are not a replacement for qualified mental health treatment.

When downloading or using "mental health", "behavioral" or "wellness" apps, there is a chance that you will transmit sensitive personal information to the company that owns the apps. The Covina-Valley Unified School District and it's employees are not affiliated with such services and cannot guarantee the confidentiality of such information.

There may be financial costs associated with mental health services including apps via their direct purchase or in-app purchases. Such costs must be paid for by the individual/user.

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