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Thats Not Cool

For: Teens | Website | Informative/Interactive

That’s Not Cool provides tools to help you draw your digital line about what is, or is not, okay in your relationships.


Conflict Resolution Skills

For: All Ages | PDF | Informative |

Provides examples of healthy and unhealthy conflict management skills and steps to address issues in personal and professional relationships.


How to Create Healthy Boundaries

For: All Ages | PDF | Informative |

Teaches about boundaries in relationships, the roles they can play, and tips on how to set them.


Love is Respect

For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative |

Educates young people to prevent and end abusive relationships by offering support and resources. (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing approved)


My Plan App

For: All Ages | App | Interactive |

Offers intimate partner violence safety planning with personalized safety information and resources for self or someone else in an abusive relationship.


Surviving a Break-Up

For: Adults & Teens | PDF | Informative |

Provides strategies to cope with a relationship break-up.


The Buddy Project

For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support |

Aims to prevent suicide and provide healthy alternatives by pairing people through social media as buddies and raising awareness for mental health. Must have a Twitter or Instagram account to be paired with a buddy. (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing approved.)

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