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Antidepressant Skills Workbook for Teens

For: Teens | PDF | Informative |

Interactive workbook that offers a step-by-step self-care guide with antidepressant skills for teens managing depression or concerned family members, friends, or partners.


Be Strong

For: Teens | Website/App | Informative |

Provides resources, support, and intervention for those who are affected by bullying, depression, suicide, and other adversities.


Building Self-Esteem Booklet

For: All Ages | PDF | Support |

Teaches self-esteem building exercises, coping skills, and provides basic information about related issues like depression.


Half of Us

For: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative |

Offers information on a wide variety of struggles that young people face and connects students with resources to decrease stigma and encourage healthy dialogue.


Help Guide

For: All Ages | Website | Informative |

Provides evidence-based articles, self-help tools, and readings for 21 topics for teens, adults, parents, and elderly (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing approved).


Stopping Stupid Thoughts

For All Ages | PDF | Interactive |

Offers an activity for coping with and conquering negative thoughts.

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